A new vision for how we rent in cities

A new, community-led model for gateway city living that caters to the needs of the modern, urban renter, combining convenient and affordable studio and shared apartments, with an unmatched offering of supporting spaces, experiences, services and design-led functionality.

Introducing Vivali

As cities grow exponentially, they are becoming busier, more stressful, lonelier and more expensive. With today's renters no longer able to justify paying inflated prices for low quality inner city properties, they are being forced outwards, and it's time we changed that. People just want more value from where they live now, demanding quality spaces, decent services, and friendly, accessible landlords that charge them a fair rent. They are also looking for better ways to meet new friends.

We understand those needs and have created something to address them: Vivali.

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Living in a Vivali Immerse property means being in the heart of one the world's most amazing gateway cities, and the freedom to explore to your heart's content. Feed off the buzz of the streets, take in the heritage and history, enjoy boundless dining, entertainment and cultural opportunities, get to know new friends or even just marvel at the skyline …

  • London Coming soon
  • Berlin Coming soon
  • Lisbon Coming soon


Our sister properties, known as Vivali Escapes, are conversely found in idyllic, rustic and natural waterfront locations, with beautiful terrain and wildlife, and away from the urban hubbub. The antidote to the pressures of city living, they are intuitively designed with calm, restorative spaces to decompress, think, create and enjoy the outdoors.

What makes a Vivali property?

When you're looking to rent somewhere in a big city, it's almost always a whole heap of stress. At a Vivali property, we've made things much more simple and straightforward, by including everything you need at one address:

Flexible contracts to suit you

All-inclusive single monthly payments (with no hidden fees)

Fully furnished rooms or studios to choose from

Free superfast fibre broadband that works

Superb gyms, nourishing food and programming for healthy living

Innovation-led events calendar for ambitious minds

An on-site Community Manager that knows your name

Intuitive digital platform to control your home and connect with others

A Vivali home is more than just where you live, it's a fully realised lifestyle

Global Network

Live in an apartment and be part of a readymade, international, entrepreneurial ecosystem. Access locations in key urban, rural and coastal locations, initially in Europe and subsequently across the globe.

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Why Vivali?

We understand the things that matter to you when you're looking for a new home to rent, so we've made them a priority:

  • Living in a Vivali home is great value

    Your rental fee includes utilities, laundry, cleaning, wi-fi, a gym membership, local taxes and a TV license. We know convenience and affordability are important to you.

  • Community matters to us

    We make sure we like people before they can move in, and provide all our residents with the events, experiences and connections to feel like they belong.

  • We put a lot of thought into design

    City living requires stylish, authentic and inspiring living spaces that are efficient, human-led and innovative. Form, function and flexibility are our watchwords.

  • Space to do your thing

    City rentals usually don't have any extra space, but we do. As cool as your room or studio apartment will be, you’ll be making the most of our shared spaces for working, socialising and entertaining.

  • Your wellbeing is something we care about

    Providing a gym, and access to nutritious, quality food choices is essential isn't it? We think so. How about some instructive programming to help you stay fit and healthy too?

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